Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elbasan -> Spille

waking in the elbasan monumental park
In the morning we cycled direction Spille and stopped in a village in the way where, after using my italian language talent :p, we could get a kitchen to use inside a restaurant, we stayed there (ab)using the space all afternoon...
Elbasan industriesbreakfast in a "watermelon gas station"aggressive babsi :pplaying games in the lunch time
felix, neils, benoit, jania, beranger,daniel, me and ondreijmeeting circle after lunch
in the noon, we cycled to Spille beach were, while me and jania went to buy dinner, the others found a great place to mount camp
we cooked on the beach after one of the bar owners got us a safe place to make fire and talk till late around fire...
Liza lighted by the fire :D

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