Friday, July 3, 2009

Mazia -> Milea

i continued cycling north, always in really desert roads, in one of the small villages i stop to ask directions i meet vassilis, a really nice guy, we were talking for long and he warned me about wild camping, as i will go in a natural park where 400 bears live wildly :), listen to this you get a mixture of fear and excitement...eheh..
stop for lunch and siesta
As there were no shops his girlfriend still gave me some tomatoes and toasts for the trip :D...
collecting (and eating) small wild strawberries :D
in the rest of the beautiful trip, by the natural park, with almost no cars, i made an amazing discovery: WILD STRAWBERRIES!!...eheh... and passed in a lake, next to Metsovo, that was just the perfect vision you could have after climbing for a while and when it started raining: a rainbow over a beautiful lake :)(fast-paint-made) wide picture of the lake
rainnbow over the lake
I then found a place to camp on the top of a hill, following Vassilis advices: leave all my food away from the tent, and lit a small fire not to atract bears next to the tent :)...

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