Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ohrid -> Vevčani

waking up in bojan hammock, some people in biketour just travel with really light beds like this instead of a tent :D
After a morning circle :) some of the people went to see a castle and most of us went to struga lake beach to take a swim, then we all meet and cycle to Vevčani, a village that is trying to implement some sustainable tourism in mountain huts...
arriving there, we spoke with some locals and got a private kitchen from really nice people to cook lunch and left our bicycles to visit the natural springs in the town park
natural springs
after lunch Bojan (one of our macedonian guides) also left the tour and then we cycle (really steepy) to a mountain hut where must of us ended camping in the garden, as the house was really small, the owner was really nice and brought some rakija to drink with us :D and we talked and sang before sleeping ;)
going up to the mountain hut

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