Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preze -> Tirana

Waking up in the top of the hill was pretty beautiful and going down the hard hill was so faaaast...
We cycle to tirana where we meet a local organizer from a local NGO promoting bicycles... with them we cycled in the new bus and bicycle shared lanes and took some pictures for future propaganda about bicycling in tirana, in the mean time some other local activists were spreading flyers in the local park where we also had company of lots of local children looking at us for hours!!
We still had some time to discuss a little about my general opposition to bike lanes and introduce vehicular cycling and then we went to a recent opened hostel that made us a special price to camp in their garden (really nice people).
Ondreij auto*mat t-shirt
In the night marcha, me and jorden went out to walk and look for rakjia (local spiritus) and chocolate :D

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