Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vranjina -> Podgorica

We swam in the lake in the morning and then cycled to Podgorica, capital of montenegro, to join the rest of the group...
reparing my tire in the train station, where the conductor offered me a coffee :)
in the way had a big tire problem with my recently bought tire (in Shkoder i instaled a new back tire) 7 holes in my inner tube at once and a hole in the tire!!! i think i made less than 200 km with this "VeeRubber" tire....
night meeting circle in the city kings monument
After visiting the city, we meet with the group and found a place to mount the camp in the top of a hill, where is one of the city parks, after talking with some members of the fire department they allow us to mount our tents and guard them also :D

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