Saturday, December 20, 2008

Murcia -> Alicante

Inês's room :D

I stayed in the house all morning and start pedaling direction Elche (City of Mabel, a friend who studied in Porto last year). Tomaz cycled with me for some time, till he showed me the road direct to Elche.

Casa Azul, the outside and principles :)
Tomaz showing the way
The street was not that beautiful but I could cycle really fast, and when i arrived Elche I phoned Mabel who told me she was in Alicante (30 km away) so I cycled there to met her and her brother in the center.

We went for a beer and long talk and at night i met Javi (another friend from Porto) and we had dinner at his place and stayed there for the night.
me and Mabel taking a beer

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