Sunday, December 28, 2008

Barcelona -> Somewhere in France

I woke up at 6 because my mother was also going away and my plan was to try to hitchhike to Amsterdam.

Luckily, I found a public bicycle bad parked and (I know it was illegal, but at least i returned it to a right parking spot :D) cycled to a cross that led to the highway direction France.

After 1 or 2 hour a car parked and i could ask them to leave me in a gas station in the way... There, I was asking the people who stopped for an hitchhike direction La Jonquera, the last small village before the border with France, a place Tomaz told me was great to hitchhike everywhere in europe, as thousands of trucks park there to fill the tank every day...

It was a really small gas station and most of the people who stopped was going in the opposite direction, finally I met 2 guys who were going in that direction and even to France for holidays but they had to stop in their house to have lunch and pick two horses (they were horse ferradores)...

Martí showed me his house and I had lunch with him, his brother and wife and their children... The house was really beautiful and in the end I helped with the horses and we start the trip, after some hours we were in Jonquera.

As it was around holidays (Christmas and new year) there were not so many trucks as usual as the truck drivers explain me, so I had to wait (asking all the trucks that i could) for a truck direction Holland, after 5 hours, the first truck I asked going in that direction let me in :)

Peter drove for some hours and had to stop, somewhere in France, to sleep (by law truck drivers must stop several hours per day and work in crazy schedules)...

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