Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cabo de Gata -> Villaricos

The great place where i camped last night, with "window" to the sea :p
I waked up early and cycled till the top of Cabo de Gata to see the sun rise. There I found a pedestrian road down to the other side of the hill and I stopped in the first small beach.
view from the top of Cabo de Gata
Sun rising over the sea ;)
inside the mediterranean ;)
The sun was beautiful and warm, so I tried to swim a little in the warm (if I compared it to Porto's sea water) Mediterranean sea. I spend some time doing yoga naked in the beach completely alone with the sun watching me :).

Near that beach I met a nice german girl, and her dog, who confirm me I was going in the correct direction.

Following that street, next to the sea, was really nice, calm and beautiful but also a bit hilly...
Lots of plastic greenhouses, Almeria is one of the few places with so many greenhouses, so many plastic, it can even the seen from the space!!!
By the way i found a really beautiful camp full of flowers and took a picture as tribute to one of the persons who inspired me in this trip, Josie Dew a cyclist and writer.

I passed some villages where lots of foreigners (rich ones) live and, finally, camped in a beach next to Villaricos where i cooked some sweet potatoes in the fire, really tasty :p..


serrabisco said...


buen año para usted, compañero ;)

luís said...

Essas fotografias estão cada vez melhores. Continua! Bom Ano!