Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alcalá la Real -> Granada

Last night house (really nice and full of wood to burn :D)

I arrived Granada early and, after cycling a bit in the town, as I was waiting from Susana's answer to host me (a friend of Eva), I meet two girls who where playing the violoncello and dancing in the street, Maria - the violoncellist, and Victoria - a girl from Argentina who dances really beautiful...

We talked for a while and, after Maria also saying i could have a place to stay if I didn't receive an answer (again the great spanish hospitality), we walked from nde street to another to play, dance and talk...
Maria playing the violoncello and Victoria dancing :)
The police appeared and stopped Maria from playing but she still got a contact to play live in a bar and give some lessons :D... I hope she finds a nice place to play :)

Finally, Susana contacted me and I meet her in her place where she lives with Paloma, Neria, Caro and Leire, all great and nice people :)...I made the dinner and we stayed talking till it got late at night ;)...

I'm feeling really well with all the people i meet, I think i have some variables in my favor:
- traveling alone
- traveling by bike
- the awful weather
So all people are really kind to me :D... I'm trying to return it by helping them as I can and make great dinners :D

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