Friday, December 5, 2008


I went with Arantxa and Urco (the most intelligent and nice dog I've ever meet) to visit Cordova (without my camera...i'm such a loser photographer :p...)

We visited the old mesquite (now it's a catholic cathedral, one of the only one's christians changed instead of completely destroying) the old town and a museum in the old arabic baths...

At noon I went to the Critical Mass, an activist bicycle movement I usually participate in Porto, I felt really good again in a bicycle protest with some participants of the samba band playing while riding :)

Then Arantxa had to catch a bus to madrid and let me with Potis at home, I went out aigain to Juan XXIII and Peña Flamenca to find Nádia, a really nice girl from madrid and listen to some music...

La plaza del Potro
When returning home me and Potis stay talking for hours ;)

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