Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alicante -> Elche

We woke up early to arrange everything and store my bicycle, I decided to left it in Javi house and continue now for a while withou bicycle, as I'm meeting my mother for christmas in barcelona and don't have time to cycle there now...

By car, we went to the village of Javi to lunch and pass the day with Javi's family, really nice people and a wonderful place.
Javi's family
At noon we went to Elche and stayed at Mabel's house... There, almost all my old hosts and friends I made join together again!! Eva and Lucy, from Sevilla, Victoria, from Argentina, Susana and Nilo, from Granada and other two friends of them Marta and her friend from Venezuela (I can't remember his name :()
(don't remember his name) Eva, Marta and Lucy, Javi, Mabel and Nilo, Susana, Victoria and me

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