Thursday, December 4, 2008

El Priorato -> Cordoba

A great sun rise by the morning :)
As i was already near Cordoba, I cycle directly there before lunch... as i get there, still without any answer of anyone to host me, i stopped in a park to have lunch and started talking with Arantxa, a really kind girl who was walking her big dog, Urco, we talked for a while and in an impressing prof of spanish hospitably she told me i could stay at her house if i want... I felt really nice with the offer and meet her house mates, more nice and crazy people ;)

Potis, a greek erasmus student, a vegetarian and yogi guy, with lots of mistic and great heart... we talked a lot and at night we went out to Juan XXII, an open bar where people play music and sing, Arantxa is a great dancer (flamenco) and singer ;) ... I meet lots of her friend and some people from the samba band, a known activist european network of resistance music, Rhythms of Resistance.

We then went to La Peña Flamenca, where some of her musician friends get together to play, lots of brazilian music and samba :D

A great night ;), i felt really special to find out so nice people who host me without any problem...

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