Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Granada -> Almeria -> Cabo de Gata

View from the train window ;)
I left the house early to catch the train. In the mountain around Granada was a lot snow and the train got a bit late, because of that they return me the ticket value!
first view of the mediterranean sea in this trip :D
After arriving in Almeria, already in the spanish coast with the Mediterranean, I cycled next to the coast looking for a national street, N-341, that would conduct me to Murcia. When I finally found that road, and after cycling about 20 km without an exit, there was a huge sign warning the street is now a highway, where bicycle are forbidden!!

path i followed next to N-341
I didn't want to return back (and, as I don't have a Spain map yet, I didn't know any other way), so I saw a small terrain street (I couldn't see where was it going) and followed it :D... that street ended almost in a cliff that i had to go down with the material and the bike on my back :p...
the end of the "street" i follow (looks like a cliff, but it was possible to get down, slowly and carrying the bike by hand)
Luckily, I found a nice street along the sea and follow it in the right direction, without certain where was I going I camped in a high hill near the coast called Cabo de Gata where I could see a beautiful sun set over the sea :D
Cabo de Gata
Sun set from the top of Cabo de Gata

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