Saturday, June 13, 2009


In the morning we harvest green peas in Planete Lilas ;)
spring, ladybugs making love :)
Then we had lunch with the volunteers there and we celebrate Matilda's birthday ;)...
Matilde and her wonderful smileDuarte, ..., Justo, Paki, leida, matilde, marco, ..., ..., hugo, sara, chloe, diego, dani, lela, ..., tomasso, me and carlos
After lunch, and rest, we went to the patatoes field to spread compost on the land...
In the night, with carlos, repu and diego, i went back to the tmplab, but it was closed... so we went to see a poppy field...
When we return to the house, we found out we had been robbed!!! and my computer was missing :(

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