Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We woke up early to go visit an huge industrialized port in the senna, the port Bonneuil, we did a trip by boat with some explanation on ecological developments in the port and about water transportation (much more ecological and efficient, although slower, of transporting goods)

Then we had a walk in the riverside trying to identify some local trees and a presentation on how to identify them.

Back "home", we had lunch and discuss about the planed activities for next days (and alternatives when raining a lot), with not so many conclusions, after lunch, without a siesta and under a it of rain, we walked to Planete Lilas and helped transplanting some cabbages, distributing animal bones (!!! no one could explain why properly !!!) and compost in the ground, cover it with an industrialized biodegradable plastic (made of corn, no petrol, by the way, all the beer glasses in the antifascist festival were also made from corn) and finally putting the cabbages on the ground.

Back home, jenny, another volunteer from SCI, prepared us a game/meal, called insolent meal where we played and learned about food and other resources proportions in different continents in the world...

When most of the people were already a sleep, diego, jenny, repu, me and tomasso stayed out talking till late...

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