Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somewhere in France -> Bologna

I wake up at 7 to meet him, but he was still asleep, i wait till 9 and he was still asleep... then i asked to another truck driver, Cristian, who rode me to italy, to Piacenza... he was really nice, we talked a lot, he was learning (alone) how to program and was really in to computers, linux, c++ and reading... not an usual truck driver and we had lots to talk...

In Piacenza i lost 1 hour, and then meet Joan, a guy from argentina that lives in italy for a long time... we also had lots to talk (from religion, to environment and vegetarianism) and he brought me really inside bologna..

Hitchhiking is really a special kind of adventure as you meet the most unusual, and nice, people :D

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