Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paris -> Somewhere in France

Wake up early to follow Remi's instructions to get out of paris hitchhiking (as he already did it several times).... it's not easy, as paris is really big, and in the place we recommended me there were already two other hitchhikers waiting :D...

After 5 hours, i could finally arrange someone to put me near the highway, and there , after finding another hitchiker, i lost only 20 minutes to get Nico, the guy who took me to a gas station 100 km away, near Nemours.
From there, after not so many time, i found a spanish (crazy) truck driver who ride me some hours to another gas station (in the way he did a joint and before going to sleep he still gave me 2

I sleept in this gas station waiting for the morning to get in his truck again, as he had to sleep 8 hours before start again driving...

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