Thursday, November 26, 2009


I got in contact with carlos, an old friend from erasmus, that just returned to madrid, we had lunch together, talked a lot and he helped me to finally fix my back light (that for 2 or 3 months was not working :p...), while we fix it, yo draw a stencil and we made a funny flag to bring to the Bici Critica (madrid's critical mass).
sound systems ready...
Me and yo cycled to cibeles to join the mass and it worth it, was an amazing view to see the city completely occupied by bicyles, we managed to close all the traffic and made a party in the streets moving on our bicycles, i would say around 2000 people with bicycles were present, with sound systems and lots of smiles.
the moving party over bridges, road and avenues (of 5 lanes!!) lasted for more than 2 hours always cycling, it was nice to see how everything worked fine, how people auto-organized them selfs to protect the rest of the mass, corking crosses and with no help of police (that sometimes, when near, also helped but never follow the mass).
after the mass the party continued in Patio maravillas with dinner and music where i meet carlos again and Charlie gave us a bicycle brakes repair lesson :Dmme, yo and carlos :D

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