Sunday, November 29, 2009

Las Dehesas -> Valsain

I woke up and saw everything WHITE from a window... it was snowing (and probably already for some time)... we prepared for the cold (making a hot tea with the last water we had – bad idea – and covering our feet with plastic bags – good idea) and left the “warm” hotel already late.

prepared for the snow :D

Cycling in the snow was pretty fun and crazy...but after 4 hours “cycling” (more walking and pushing the bikes) it started to get dark and we were only sure of following the right road because of a car track marked on the snow a long time before...we almost did not cross other people after 17:00...

resting in the snow :D
finally (4 hours, and only about 20km) we got to the other side of the mountain and saw some lights of a village, the problem was that our brakes (both) frozen and yolanda's bike had a really burned tired (not enough friction to cycle on the snow) so we had to walk down...arriving in the village we finally could drink something (other than eating snow :D) and decided (more or less) to stay a night in the local hostel (the second time in all my trip i pay a hostel for passing the night)

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