Sunday, April 5, 2009


Woke up early to go to Can Masdeu, sunday is the open day of the social center and cooperative working... Getting there already many people were helping in the children's park an in the community field so, after helping arnau a bit with his "cutre" star tipi, Mariana told me there would be an Acro-Yoga workshop and i join it for almost free intense and beautiful hours :D...
Arnau's future room, a star tipi :D
I meet Lolo and Matias and two friends (sadly, i can't remember their names) and had lunch with them in the popular vegan comedor organized in the PIC (Punt d'Interracció de Collserola Social Center).
door auto-close mechanism with water bottle :D
After lunch and a long talk, we decided to meet again that afternoon in another squat called La Nave Espacial to see an amazing circus performance (just sadly there were [dead] animals eatten in the stage in a completly stupid and awful number, all the others were just great!!)
Amazing simple number with glass lamps
Returned the squat to make dinner to all marishiweu's ;)

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