Monday, July 12, 2010

resistance is fertile and everywhere

Lately i'm not able to get time to internet and to post some news about the amazing places i've been visiting...

Towards carfree cities conference
The ecotopia biketour continues, and there are new twitters every day in the blog, after the conference in York we cycled to Stapleton to visit the Brotherhood Church community, an amazing space that started with pacifist dissidents from the first world war!! more than 90 years ago!
we passed 3 coal power plants in one day :-/
Brotherhood Church community
After we were hosted for 2 nights in a radical housing co-operative Cornerstone Housing Coop in Leeds, the cooperative is running already for 18 years and already has 2 houses, they repair and maintain, have a garden, workshop, bikeworkshop, co-op printing workshop (where i spend an afternoon printing flyers for the No To NATO No To War campaign) and more, this way of co-operative housing is quite popular between the radical movement and it was a completely new concept for me, quite interesting to explore...
printing workshop in CornerstonePeak District
Across the Peak District we cycled, up up up up, down, down, down, to Telford where we stayed in this amazing resistance place - Huntington Lane Camp - where a group of locals and activists squatted a part of the forest where UK Coal plan to dig 2 open air coal mines, in order to resist and give the most economical damage possible to this dirty company tree-houses, tunels, nets and other forms of active resistance are being built and people will stop the destruction of another forest with their own lifes and freedom...
Huntington Lane Camp fortField where UK Coal wants to open one HUGE hole to dig out bad-quality coal
Beautiful old tree with a tree bunker on top where we climbed rappelled down :Dresistance net to sit on top of Highest trees when the eviction team comes
3 days climbing trees and digging tunnels and we left to visit (very short, sadly) EarthWorm Housing Co-operative a radical Post-peak-oil-permaculture-vegan-anarchist-DIY-motor-free community, started 30 years ago by animal-rights activists, bicycles and experiments everywhere, ultra-organized and inspiring place - truly utopian...
EarthWorm entrance, they planted trees in the entrance road to avoid cars to ever enter :D
Yesterday we came to Canon Frome Court, another Co-op, more mainstream, where they have 40 acres of land, produce most of their food for 30 adults and 20 children :D in ecological way.

After this blog entry i'll head to an organic farm in Wales, this is the last day in england ;)