Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Olmedo -> Valladolid

already pretty close to valladolid, we recycled some bananas and yogurts for our future hosts and arrived in La Casa just before lunch ;)

crossing the Douro river :D

La Casa is a squat where pablo, a friend, lives...we talked all afternoon...in the house they have a big garden where they can produce almost all the vegetables they consume and still have a working group outside the house that gets some of the vegetables also, the project is called BAH! (Bajo el Asfalto esta la HuertaUnder the asphalt lies the vegetable garden, inspired in the known may'68 sentence, under the paving stones lies the beach!)

In the night there was a programmed debate about ecotopia biketour that we were already planning to participate, few people appeared, but we still had a nice talk (for some hours) about biketour and direct action...
after dinner Dolor, a HC-punk band from barcelona, played in the basement...great to recover energies (lol)...

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